University Admission

We have a vast portfolio of partners that provide you opportunities for global education. Our relationships span the globe and our team of professional counsellors helps thousands of aspiring students like you, choose their career and education path by placing them in reputable universities and colleges across the world.

At Degree Asia, we offer you useful study abroad application tips and guidance that help you get admission with ease.


To ensure that we accurately advise on the best country, university and course; we will first conduct a comprehensive profiling exercise. Towards this, we will assign a highly professional admission counsellor who has in-depth knowledge for each student. Based on your academic qualifications, career goals, financial status and work experience, our consultant will help you choose the right course that addresses your aspirations and goals.


Portfolio preparation for university admission, which included personal statement, research proposal (for PhD Degree) etc. Your documents will be carefully reviewed by Design Asia professional editorial team. Our editors help and improve the content, grammar, tone and structure of your document. This will ensure that the profile presented to the chosen institutions is professional and projects all that they need to know about the student in the best possible manner.


Our team of experienced application professionals will contact you and ensure that all details are accurate and to confirm that you are satisfied with the final application that has to be submitted.


Our consultants are aware of the type of questions different universities ask prospective students at the interviews. To help prepare for any interviews that may be required by the chosen universities, we provide you with a number of interview preparatory sessions. The interview preparation sessions are conducted by professionals who have vast experience in interview techniques and are well versed with the nature and scope of questions that universities usually ask their prospective students.


Pre-departure briefing captures a multitude of subjects to be mindful of for a student, to smoothen the adaptation and adjustment period for life at an overseas university. It is an informative and highly interactive event where our experienced personnel collaborate to share thoughts and inputs that are rather qualitative in nature and based on real experiences extracted from our Directors business and personal exposure overseas.

One of the core objectives of the pre-departure briefing is to provide critical information to process and note carefully in order to deter any untoward issues, especially in the social sense, from occurring and to be aware of what to expect.

Furthermore, the briefing also provides an opportunity for apprehensive parents to discuss their anxieties with experienced personnel that includes first hand access to Mr Gordon Chan (Chairman) and Dr Wing Choi (Managing Director). Students are also able to network with one another, especially with those going to the same university, city or country. These sessions are held across our entire network, twice a year. The briefing endeavors to prepare a student effectively for the environment he/she will be exposed to when attending university overseas.


We have an extensive network that must be utilized fully to get the best out of one’s engagement period with our personal consultant. Our staff provides information about student accommodation, both on campus and private, and can facilitate contact with the desired vendors.

Across the globe, Degree Asia has a range of partners providing excellent housing facilities and services to take care of your needs in the most accommodating fashion possible, all one’s got to do is ask.


Our Visa Counselling Services are geared towards helping you submit the right documents to ensure that there is no inadvertent delay or rejection. We will assign you a study abroad Visa Consultant who will provide comprehensive advice relating to the collation of the relevant documentation that you need to submit along with the visa application. Our study abroad Visa Consultant will also guide you through the key aspects of any interview that you may have with the High Commission or Embassy.